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Friday, February 10, 2017 in Staff Recognition

For more than four years, Registration Services staff have spent their own time to make a difference for every child they meet during their work day. In early February, they presented their latest donation of $9,500 to Teddy Bears Anonymous; a charity which helps them put a teddy bear into the arms of every child coming to hospital. This year’s donation brings the total funds raised for the charity by staff over the last four years to $49,000.

Registration Staff

Luke Lawrence, with Teddy Bears Anonymous, joins Registrations Services managers Penny Ginther (St. Paul’s Hospital), April Brown (Royal University Hospital) and Michelle Symak (Saskatoon City Hospital).

“Everyone in our Registration areas know how much this means to the children in our hospitals,” says April Brown, Royal University Hospital’s (RUH) manager of Registration Services. “Making a difference to the experience of a child’s stay in a hospital warms your heart. There isn’t a lot that can compare to the excitement that fill a child’s face when they have a furry friend to accompany them. The fear seems to disappear.”

And just how does Registration Services do it? Throughout this past year, you might have seen Health Information Support Services staff in Registration holding a silent auction. You could have come across Registration staff at Royal University Hospital, St. Paul’s Hospital and Saskatoon City Hospital, with the help of Saskatoon Co-Op, flipping burgers at a BBQ fundraiser. Then, there was the popcorn sale, book sale and raffle at St. Paul’s Hospital. And of course, if you have ever have experienced registration at any of these sites, you will have seen the “Teddy Bears Anonymous” donation jar ready to take any extra help from patients and families.

“Children come to us hungry because of fasting, tired and not wanting to be here,” explains Brown. “The bears change the mood/attitude of the child and the parents seem to relax watching how happy their child is.  Being a part of the happiness always make a difference in the day of everyone.”

If you are curious to learn just how big of a difference it makes to the children and their families, read this story of one child’s first experience with these magical teddy bears in our hospitals here. And if you still don’t believe, read how that experience set the stage for his second surgery here.


In January just before his surgery, Ben received a new friend “Darth Bear”, noting Darth Bear is now brother to his predecessor “Darth Teddy”.

Congratulations to everyone in Registration Services for making our patients and families experience better, every day!

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