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Wednesday, July 12, 2017 in Uncategorized

A group of Saskatoon Health Region neuroscience nurses were part of organizing a very successful Canadian Association of Neurosciences Nursing Conference in Saskatoon June 13-16. Over 85 nurses participated in the conference in Saskatoon.

On the agenda of the three-day conference included presentations by local patients and doctors on "Patient Advocacy and the Neuroscience Nurse" by Heather Thiessen, a member of the patient and family advisory council for Saskatoon Health Region;   "Neuromodulation and the Future of Stem Cells" by Saskatoon's Dr. Ivar Mendez; "Advances in Epilepsy Care" by Dr. Jose Tellez; and "Neural Prostheses Research" by Dr. Jonathan Norton. Dr. Susan Shaw also spoke on "Leading Through Change."

Saskatoon's own nurses also presented on a variety of topics – Aaron Gardner, RN, on "The Development and Institution of Canada's First Joe Nickro Foundation Hemorrhagic Support Group"; Brenda Kwiatkowski, RN, on "Post Hospitalization Stroke Follow-Up"; Cheri Derksen, LPN, on "The S-patient: a Mobile App of Surgical Stimulation for Neuromodulation Procedures for Preoperative Patient Teaching"; Elissa Bravo, RN, and Kim Davy, MPH, on "Creating a Palliative Care Plan for the Stroke Patient"; Karen Waterhouse, RN, on "Vagal  Nerve Stimulators – the Saskatoon Experience"; Ashley Trites, RN, and Kala Bolt, RN, presented on "Educational Stroke Videos"; and Ruth Whelan, RN, on "Improved Stroke Care in Saskatchewan."

Other subjects covered by the conference included stroke risk factors unique to women, what's new in headache management, and improving the discharge process, to name a few. 

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