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Thursday, June 8, 2017 in Lanigan

Congratulations to Lanigan and District Ambulance on the grand opening of the new ambulance addition to their firehall on May 31. A community BBQ was held to celebrate. The addition doubles the size of the former firehall, adding a three bay garage for the ambulances, a shared new training room, a drug and alcohol testing room, plus on site accommodation for staff. The new addition ensures protected space for the ambulances, dedicated training and testing areas, and storage for critical medical supplies and equipment.

Since 2010, there has been a partnership between the Lanigan and District Ambulance, Saskatoon Health Region, the Town of Lanigan and BHP Billiton. Construction of the new facility was made possible thanks to the partnership between these teams and the industrial contract the Lanigan and District Ambulance has with BHP Billiton to provide a Jansen Mine site clinic/emergency response.

Lanigan and District Ambulance service has a staff of nine full-time and casual EMS providers, which includes one Advanced Care Paramedic.

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