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Thursday, October 5, 2017 in Long Term Care

"That was exceptional!"

"Such an amazing day!"

"I haven't seen Mom and Dad this happy in years!"

You could feel the buzz of excitement the minute you walked in the doors of St. Ann's Senior Citizens Village in Saskatoon on Saturday, September 30. It rippled through the residents and staff as they were preparing for the special day.

Saturday was a celebration where 14 couples gathered in the chapel for a Wedding Vow Renewal and Blessing ceremony. Each of these couples, where at least one or both of them were residents of St. Ann's Nursing Home, would have their turn in the spotlight. The longest married of the group, Clifford and Myrtle Swenson, had only a few days before celebrated 74 years together. Altogether, this group of married couples could boast that they had been together for 848 years. A bulletin board in the dining room showed each couple on their wedding day, looking young and in love. The team at St. Ann's worked to ensure that the residents were looking their best and the home was ready for the 70 guests that were expected. It was a beautiful ceremony with tears and laughter, kisses and hugs, and memories a plenty.

After the ceremony, a reception was planned in the dining room and lounge. Mr. Music played all the old favourites as well as a little rock and roll to dance to. Photos of each couple were taken next to a wedding cake, which guests and residents then enjoyed with their coffee and punch. Families gathered around tables and celebrated their loved ones, just as they would have if it had been their first wedding day. Daughters danced with their fathers and sons danced with their mothers. Staff got on the dance floor with other residents and let loose, bringing out smiles that couldn't be matched.

St. Ann's kicked off Senior's Week with style and grace on Saturday, creating memories that will last forever!

Cliff and Myrtle

Cliff and Myrtle renew their vows - a special way of celebrating their 74 years together.

There were smiles and laughter a plenty as guests and residents took to the dance floor.

Wedding vow renewan and blessing ceremony.

The Wedding Vow Renewal and Blessing ceremony was a great day enjoyed by all.

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