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Wednesday, September 13, 2017 in Community

Saskatoon Health Region staff and physicians have been working around the clock to help people who have been evacuated from their homes due to wildfires across northern Saskatchewan.

Shown here, left to right, is Director of Population and Public Health, Neal Kewistep, member of Fishing Lake First Nation and last week's on-call evacuation director; Program Manager in Population and Public Health, Kari Wuttunee, member of Red Pheasant First Nation and last week's on-call evacuation manager; and Dr. Jonathan Starr, member of Starblanket First Nation.

There have been over 320 wildfires this year in the province, with many fires still active. Thank you to the many healthcare teams that have been supporting individuals, families and communities with medical assistance during this time of need.

Neal Kewistep said, "This was a super proud day for me. It was the first time in our region's evacuation health management history that we had a First Nation physician, First Nation manager and a First Nation director all working at the same time to help evacuees. I'm so honoured to work alongside people I admire and respect as colleagues and friends."

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